16th NNW International Film Festival
October 4-7, 2024, Gdynia

Preparations for this year’s edition of the Festival are already underway. The Festival’s program will be published two weeks before the event.

We are now accepting applications for the four Main Competitions of the Festival: the International Feature Film Competition, the International Documentary Competition, the Polish Documentary Competition, and the Radio Report Competition.

For four full days, the Festival’s participants will be able to watch films that largely refer to what has been happening in the world recently, especially over the last 20 years. Films describing dramas or traumas experienced as a result of war, conflict, and the actions of the world’s regimes.

As every year, the program will include competition and special screenings accompanied by equally important and interesting discussion panels and debates, including meetings with creators, producers, actors and film characters, as well as exhibitions and book promotions that complement the stories happening on the screen.

NNW is also an important event for the film industry. Creators, producers and distributors participate in workshops, the Pitching Forum and the International Film Market, where an intensive exchange of experiences and film productions has been taking place for the past two years.

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