is on tour!

The UNRULY UNBREAKABLE CURSED INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL always takes place at the turn of September and October, however, its echoes resounds all year round. Retrospectives, are a shortened version of the UUC Film Festival. The organizers of the Retrospectives travel all around Poland with the chosen films presented in Gdynia. In addition, the organizers have prepared a few surprises for viewers in the form of special screenings or premieres. The screenings will be accompanied by numerous initiatives, such as: film workshops and competition, theater contest and fashion styling workshops and competitions (all of above as a part of #MDH Project), furthermore there will be an art and photo exhibitions, concerts, live history lessons, and workshops activating local non-governmental circles.

Retrospectives are also an opportunity to honor local heroes of independence and freedom with “Signet of Independence” and “Door to Freedom” statuettes, during the Gala ceremony.

Many regions, one idea

All the meetings organized as a part of Retrospectives are a unique opportunity, for people from different regions of Poland, to get to know the idea of ​​the festival and a sense of its atmosphere, even if they could not participate in it in Gdynia. It is also an opportunity and the last moment to honor the soldiers of the independence underground who were fighting in the given regions and those, who helped them fight. Thanks to the Retrospectives, regions that are important to our history but, overlooked in the mainstream medias, are gaining some publicity. Bottom-up educational and social initiatives of local activists, are also awarded during the Retrospective events. Every year the organizers try to change direction of the Retrospectives, in order to reach as many people as possible.

After the 9th edition of the UNRULY UNBREAKABLE CURSED INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, which took place in 2017, the Retrospectives event have visited 11 cities, including among others: Krakow, Lublin and Wrocław, as well as the Polish community in Chicago. Those events could take place, thanks to a grant awarded by the PZU Foundation.

After the 10th jubilee edition of the festival in 2018, the organizers of the Retrospectives, thanks to the grants from The Civil Initiatives Fund (FIO), decided to reach significantly smaller towns – up to 20,000 residents, such as: Łochów, Wyszogród or Stare Gałki.

The UNRULY UNBREAKABLE CURSED INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL runs all year round and Festival’s Retrospectives take place continuously for eleven years. During this time, we’ve hosted the event in over 60 towns in Poland and abroad, including Prague, Paris, London and Chicago.

Retrospectives of subsequent editions of the festival can take place thanks to further support of National Institute of Freedom, as part of the The Civil Initiatives Fund (FIO). We visit towns in Masovia, Greater Poland and Lesser Poland.

As the organizer of the Festival and the Retrospectives themselves, we constantly receive numerous inquiries from various regions of Poland regarding the possibility of hosting Retrospectives in those areas. This shows of great interest and the need to organize such events. This allows us, in our humble opinion, to define our activities as a kind of social mission, which we carry out with great success, thanks to constant support on the part of State Institutions and Festival Partners.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who helped organize the Retrospectives event in their regions, furthermore we also encourage you to contact the Organizer in order to establish cooperation.