Paths to freedom at the 15th International NNW Film Festival in Gdynia, September 27-30, 2023

Free Poland in a free world” — that is the powerful theme of the jubilee 15th edition of the International NNW Film Festival, which will take place in Gdynia on September 27-30, 2023. We are happy to present some 250 screenings and events, telling the stories of rebellious attitudes and people who value freedom above all else. Freedom, understood both in the general context of nationsindependence, as well as the freedom of an ordinary individual. 

This year, our festival motto, which is a quote by Janusz Krupski that there will be no free Poland without free countries of the former USSR, is especially clear and meaningful. That was our determinant in choosing the films and themes of this years Festival, and weve done it in such a way so it could also be understandable for the generations born after 1989” — said the director of the NNW Film Festival, Arkadiusz Gołębiewski.

On September 27, the city of Gdynia will welcome filmmakers, our special guests and audiences who appreciate tradition, history, remembrance of heroes, but first and foremost freedom.

Thanks to the NNW Film Festival, everyone can share their experiences of their rocky paths to freedom. This subject was often omitted in the turbulent process of the system transformation in countries of Central Eastern Europe. Our Festival makes us feel like one, big community in the face of war. For years, we have shown films from Estonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary here at our Festival. We are the place where the voice calling for freedom is being heard. It gives us even more satisfaction that this voice is coming from Poland, strengthened by voices of our filmmaking colleagues” — commented the director of the NNW Film Festival and added: „The issue of fighting against repression is present all over the world; thats why we are visited by producers from such remote countries as Taiwan, Korea or Japan

The audiences of the NNW Film Festival can; therefore, count on the presence of many filmmakers from abroad, as well as witnesses of history — the protagonists of many of these films, who will be awarded with the Signets of Independence and Doors to Freedom. In the 15th Festival’s jury we will be seeing such renowned persons as: American historical films’ producer John Grooters; Polish actor performing in the United States, Marek Probosz; famous Ukrainian director Mykahailo Illienko; Japanese director Ken Takahashi, creator of more than one hundred period films and visionary of the Jidaigeki genre; documentarists Paweł Woldan and Anna Ferens. Stan Borys will be celebrating with us the 50th anniversary of his Jaskółka uwięziona (Trapped sparrow) song; world-class pianist Adam Makowicz will give a concert and musicians from countries bordering Russia, along with Marek Piekarczyk, will perform together the anti-war protest-song.

The Festival shows us that common history unites us, not divides us. The threat to our very existence, the existence of our nation, binds together the community of filmmakers and our audiences” — said director Gołębiewski.

During the four days of the NNW Film Festival you will see more than a hundred productions, documentaries and feature films, nominated for the main awards. Among them are productions from Finland, Japan, Spain, Estonia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Taiwan, USA, Croatia, Italy, the UK, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Norway, North Korea and, naturally, Poland. There will be plenty of discussion panels, meet-ups with witness of history, the films’ protagonists, filmmakers, anti-communist activists, as well as concerts, interactive exhibitions and historical books’ promotions. The NNW Film Festival is also an important industry event with a film market, screenwriting classes, masterclasses (including by Lech Majewski), Pitching Forum and activities of the NNW Film Academy, supporting filmmakers “from an idea to the premiere”.

Some important themes and subjects adding to the discussions of this year’s NNW Film Festival are: the wartime fate of women and their role in the fight for freedom, present both in the debates and films; the role of the Polish diaspora in the fight for Poland’s independence — the Festival will be visited by a large delegation of political emigrants, including adventurer Jerzy Majcherczyk, who will tell the story of conquering the deepest canyon in the world, Colca, and the Peruvian manifestations supporting the Solidarity Movement. He will be accompanied by other travellers, like Marek Kamiński; in this international company we will discuss how to tell the world about totalitarian regimes.

What can be especially interesting for contemporary viewers is a subject which is also very close to me, as a filmmaker, meaning the inheriting of post-war trauma and the discovery of untold family histories. This phenomenon exists all over the world. We can see on our big, festival screens what do the generations growing up in countries affected by totalitarianism and dealing with post-war trauma have to say. We will witness the untold and ungrieved stories. When talking about history, we are actually looking in the modern days mirror” — said Arkadiusz Gołębiewski and added: “NNW means rebellious, indomitable, but first and foremost — free.”

The 15th International NNW Film Festival will take place on September 27-30, 2023, in Gdynia; specifically at Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, Plac Grunwaldzki, Teatr Muzyczny, Muzeum Miasta Gdynia and Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej (Gdynia Film Centre, Grunwaldzki Square, Musical Theatre, Gdynia City Museum, Polish Navy Museum). There is FREE ENTRY to all screenings and events.

The Festival’s program, descriptions of films and events as well as trailers are all accessible at

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1944 Uprisings in Europe

Architekt Wolności

As Wywiadu – mjr Jan Henryk Żychoń

Ashes in the Sky


Boże, gdzie Ty jesteś




The 15th International Film Festival will take place on September 27-30, 2023.

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