Platinum Resistor

special award for lifetime creativeness, persistence in taking up hard topics, uncompromisingness and independence in creative work

Platynowy opornik 800

International Feature Film Competition Award

awarded for finding a way, to tell the world uniwersal stories

fabuła 3

Cavalry Capitan Witold Pilecki Award

awarded in the international documentary film competition, for the best film about freedom


Golden Resistor

main prize in the Polish documentary film competition for the best documentary of the UUC Festival. The award is funded by the Roman Dmowski and Ignacy Jan Paderewski National Thought Heritage Institute

Złoty Opornik 800.

Radio Document

the main prize in the competition for a radio documentary for transferring history to the world of sound and word. The award is funded by Polskie Radio SA

Radio 800

Music video award

main Prize for the best music video about modern history

wideoklip 800

Award of the Director of the UUC Festival

for an artistic translation of history into the film language

Dyrektora 800

Janusz Krupski Award

awarded for courage and effort in finding unruly, unbreakable and cursed topics and characters. The award is funded by the Witaszek’s Family Foundation


Blessed Władysław Bukowiński Award

awarded for a skillful storytelling in literature

Bukowiński 800

Special Prizes

Award of the President of TVP

tvp 2

Signet of Independence

an honorable distinction awarded to witnesses of history who heroically fought for freedom and independence of the country

sygnet niepodleglosci

The Door to Freedom

an honorable distinction awarded for courage and dedication to the heroes of the second plan, supporting the activists of the Independence underground, Solidarity underground, and people who was unbreakable in fighting for freedom

Drzwi do wolności

Source Award

an award for history enthusiasts who with their work, knowledge and experience inspire filmmakers to take up historical topics

źródło 800

Friend of the UUC Festival

a distinction awarded for the unbreakable accompaniment to the UUC Festival

przyjaciel festiwalu