Feature film

Director: Attila Szász

Production: Hungary

Production Date: 2018

The Second World War is coming to an end, but for many it is not the end of a long-lasting nightmare. At the end of 1944, hundreds of thousands of Hungarian women and men are deported to Soviet labor camps. Irén ends up in one of the Donetsk mines, where she works to death with other women, who still believe, that their torture will end one day. In a world where eternal winter reigns, she learns the art of survival with each passing day, while trying to preserve what remains of her dignity.
“Eternal Winter” was awarded a main prize at International contest of Feature Films at XII’th ” Film Festival NNW (Unruly Unbreakable Cursed)”.


Dramatized documentary

Director: Krystyna Krauze

Production: Poland, Czech Republic

Production Date: 2016


A documentary film about the Czech bard of the Prague Spring, and the poet Karel Kryl, who, after being forced into exile in 1969, started to regularly appear on the Radio Free Europe. In December 1970, he dedicated the song “The organs in Oliwa frozen in mid-sound” to the memory of the victims of the Gdynia Shipyard workers’ protests. Karel Kryl has performed in Poland several times. He was fluent in Polish and even sang in Polish, he was a friend to Polish poets and bards, incl. Jacek Kaczmarski and Antonina Krzysztoń. His concert in the fall of 1989, at the Review of Czechoslovak Independent Culture in Wrocław, became very popular. In addition to hundreds of Poles, the concert was also attended by around 5,000 Czechs and Slovaks who could not legally listen to Kryl in their own country. An album was released after that concert. In 1995, Antonina Krzysztoń recorded an album with covers of Kryl’s songs titled „Time without complaints”. The film shows rich audio-visual archives, both from the life of Karel Kryl and the history of Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Brother Karel” got awarded by main prize at IX’th “NNW Film Festival Unruly Unbreakable Cursed”, called “The Golden Resistor”.


Documentary film

Director: Dagmara Drzazga

Production: Poland

Production Date: 2020


Wojciech Bogadoł, a “sonny” from Mikołów, was drafted into the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. The Germans changed his name to Albert to make it easier for them to pronounce and sent him to Norway, where he ended up on Kvitsoy, a tiny island on the west coast. Despite a the war raging around, life was peaceful there, and he found on Kvitsoy his love and a Norwegian family who treated him like a son. That could have been enough to keep his head down and wait until the end of the war. However, having sworn in Poland not to “serve the Germans”, Wojciech decided to join the Independence Underground.

“Draugen” was awarded a main prize at International Documentary Films Competition named after Capitan Witold Pilecki, at XII’th ” NNW Film Festival Unruly Unbreakable Cursed”.


Documentary film

Director: Beata Netz

Production: Poland

Production Date: 2018


Wacław Felczak was an outstanding expert on 1970s issues on Central Europe, especialy Hungary.
Felczak traveled very often to Hungary, where he contributed significantly to the formation of the opposition forces.
During that time, he was meeting a young lawyer who was asking for advice on the forms of such activity.
His name was Viktor Orbán.