Masterclass John Grooters & David Cohen

#MASTERCLASS Sabina – Tortured for Christ. Lower budget films, or how not to spend $10 million

What can be done to make a movie look like a $10 million production?

I’m surprised how much the director revealed to us about the behind-the-scenes work on his film – said a participant in the Master Class lecture. The creator of Sabina – Tortured for Christ is a master of planning filmmaking activities, and his productions look like high-budget films. The key to the success of the American producer is the proper organization of work, perfected over the years.

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of taking an in-depth look at the working methods on the set of our special guest John Grooters. John Grooters gave many tips on the preparation for production and post-production of the film.

He introduced participants to specific tools, applications and methods. Storyboards or testing shots at home are among the many techniques that can be used to reduce the time spent on set. This, in turn, contributes to lowering production costs. The audience was surprised by the openness of the presenter. One of the listeners stated at the end: This has given me the courage to make my films the way I want, using methods that suit me.

#MASTERCLASS Diana: The Night She Died how to make a film about an iconic character and sell it to 60 countries

During the MASTER CLASS meeting, David Cohen talked about the process of making the film Diana: The Night She Died and The Escape of Sigmund Freud, which is in pre-production.

David Cohen is a British screenwriter, director, producer, psychologist and writer. Polish audiences may be familiar with his books published in our country, such as Diana. Death of a Goddess and The Escape of Sigmund Freud. The material he obtained while working on them was also used to create documentaries.

In Diana: The Night She Died, Cohen explores events related to the Duchess’s death. He challenges the official narrative about the memorable night and sheds light on intentionally hidden information. One might consider it another conspiracy theory, but it was based on French investigative reports that were not released at the time.

In his next film, Cohen will tell the story of Sigmund Freud’s escape from Vienna to London, in which he was helped by… a Nazi. The participants had the opportunity to watch a test scene from the film in preparation.