Till June 24th we are expecting submissions of polish and foreign feature and documental movies, videoclips and radio reportages for the XIV NNW 2022 International Film Festival, that is going to take place from September 28th till October 1st 2022 in Gdynia. We are announcing a selection of productions touching upon ‚freedom’ topics, concerning modern history and its heroes.

This year, such as last year, we prepared five categories:

You shall find specific information about the competition and the online forms in the tabs concerning given contests. Before sending the application please read the TERMS OF PARTICIPATION, in which there is information about the criteria You need to meet in order for Your application to be accepted.

Please forward all the questions to the festival office from 10 am till 4 pm.
We encourage all the creators to participate in the contest!
XIV NNW 2022 International Film Festival is free and open for everyone!