Festival 2020

The XII Unruly Unbreakable Cursed International Film Festival prepares for September.

Despite the epidemiologic situation in the country and abroad, the NNW Festival prepares to open its XII edition. We all hope that we are able to organise the Festival in its traditional, unchanged form, but we are ready to modify it in order to adjust the Festival to the applicable sanitary regulations.  

In the meantime, we are standing by the plans we had made a long time ago and we wish to invite you to participate in two, brand new competitions.

A year ago, the International Documentary Film Competition was inaugurated at the Festival, where for the first time in history the Witold Pilecki Award was awarded. This year, the International Feature Film Competition will make its debut.

Listening to the voices of the film community, and first and foremost the voices of our audiences, this year we decided to extend our festival with the competition screenings of feature films, to participate in which we invite the creators of the entire world. There does not seem to be one country where there would not be film projects regarding its history. In countries such as the United States of America, Iran, South Korea or Japan the feeling of identity, national belonging and roots is so strong that it is highly represented in the art of film. It also seems that it is cinema which builds the strength of patriotic values. On the other hand, it has educational value as well. Thanks to films, we are getting to know the world better, its monuments and culture.

Poland is the geographical centre of Europe. We have a very rich and interesting history. It is worth using these traits to become the host of a festival of genre cinema. In this case, historical cinema. This is why, we are inviting productions no older than 5 years. We care about quality in every respect. Thus, we asked a great director, Lech Majewski to be the chairman of the jury in this competition. There will also be American and European creators among the jury. I believe, that as much as documentary cinema brings great titles to our Festival, the same will be the case with feature films – shared his message the Director of the NNW Festival, Arkadiusz Gołębiewski.

However, these are not all the new additions to the upcoming Festival. In 2020, creators of video clips will also receive awards.

What is more, next to the main award of the Festival, the Golden Resistor – for the Polish historically themed documentary film, there will also be the traditional awards: the Platinum Resistor, Janusz Krupski Award, Spring Award, Award of the Director of the Festival, Radio Documentary, Beatified Pr. Władysław Bukowiński Literary Award. The witnesses of history, just as in previous years, will receive the Signets of Independence and Doors to Freedom.

This year, we also planned special non-competition screenings of films referring to the state anniversaries, and we want to tell the stories of the “unruly” creators of the countries which had to fight against totalitarianisms just as we had to. We will bring back the classic “Deer Hunter” by Michael Cimino, with the unforgettable performances by Robert De Niro and Christophen Walken, back to the big screen. The author of pictures for this incredible masterpiece was a Hungarian cameraman, winner of the Academy Award for the “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” by Steven Spielberg and a three-times Oscar nominee, Vilmos Zsigmont. We will also focus on another, great Hungarian cameraman, László Kovács (known for i.e. the “Easy Rider”) who, along with Zsigmont, took pictures and recorded the 1956 Hungarian uprising and later took the materials to the USA. The archival footage of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the Festival’s spectators will be able to witness in a previously unreleased documentary film by Klaudia Kovács and Endre Hules, entitled “Torn From The Flag”. Its authors will be the guests of this year’s edition.

Since the beginning of the Festival, one of its main ideas were the creators’ meetings with the audiences, between the artists of different generations. The discussions and debates will be taking place at the same time in the halls of the Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe (or Gdynia Film Centre) and the Musical Theatre. Authors, directors and producers, both from Poland and abroad, will provide their take on the subjects of “History on the big screen”, “Miracle of the Vistula and saved Europe”, “Return journeys to the homeland of the Siberian children 1919-1922” and also on the life and great heritage left behind by Karol Wojtyła and Stefan Wyszyński. Aside from the range of films, we planned a series of accompanying events, including several exhibitions, among them i.e. the outdoor exhibition of the Institute of National Remembrance, entitled “Generations of Freedom” – portraying the fates of Polish families.

Responding to the needs of the industry, as every year, we continue to organise screenwriting and editing classes with some of the best representatives of these trades. To show the beginning film makers how to go from the idea stage to the actual film production, we are offering the Pitching Forum classes, during which renowned producers share their knowledge and experience.

The NNW Festival is a perfect opportunity for important projects to get funding and distribution.

The NNW Festival is a unique collage, in which the celebration of cinema, in the historical spirit, brings together people of different generations, various walks of life and wide range of views and passions. It is here, where many unusual, often heated and definitely lively discussions take place. During these four days, Poland and the rest of contemporary world is talked about; experiences, identities, roots and cultures are exchanged. The themes focus on the concept of a community which the Festival tries to build and develop. New ideas of the film industry, searching for solutions, institutions and chances to support our culture and heritage are crucial.

Let’s meet in Gdynia between September 24-27.

Join the group of friends of the NNW Festival!